Experimental Proposal

Destruction and Reformation


Through experimental animation I want to explore ‘destruction and reformation’. This will be something somewhat repetitive but not looped as each turn would be different.

This might be hard as one spends time crafting an atwork to be destructed. This destruction may lead to the reformation of a new artwork, or may itself produce a new peice of artwork.

This idea is inspired by experimental filmmaker Johan Rijpma. I was first aquainted with his work at Klick Animation Festival where he revealed the technique of some of his films.


I believe this idea will innovate fresh aesthetics as it starts with the an ordinary object, which is destroyed, and in turn becomes something aesthetically complex and intriguing. I want to evoke the feeling of curiosity in the audience; for them to wonder how the film was crafted. I will also associate this with a minimalistic pallet and primary colours, black, white and grey. I will sneakily be simplifying it for the audience’s sake, though still to leave them puzzled. Though the blending of these simple things will produce more complex and exciting things, such as overlapping.

I can achieve control with the stop motion aspect of this. To challenge this and push boundaries I was to try and produce it digitally. After testing this myself, even in stop motion this may push boundaries. Yes, I know how to produce a 2D or 3D object and animate it digitally, but how do I effectively destroy it? This problem overcome will then allow me to animate bringing together the broken pieces create a new object. Then I will be able to repeat the destruction process, thus creating a new object.

Here are some slightly shocking tests:



I also tried to adapt Rijpma’s ‘Decent’ though I was nowhere near in the right conditions in the studio. The grey surface under the Rostrum camera was too hard and the ceramic mug too hard, and too slippery to stick back together. The two part glue made this process almost impossible as it did not dry well, act as a suitable adhesive and leaked everywhere. It also spread a toxic smell making it very difficult to work with. I need to solve all these problems and try this experiment again, this time with clay in my own staging.


photo (3)



Other Ideas I had

  • I hoovered some ground coffee off the floor at work and the way it disappeared was very interesting
  • Experimenting with materials such as plastics and ethers, inspired by exhibition in the Guggenheim, New York
  • Paint on film, running the film through a speel or frame by frame under a rostrum camera

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