Week 2

In response to last week’s feedback I was to make an initial animatic for my chosen story. There was much deliberation between my narrative and documentary ideas, though I finally decided to do my narrative as I am more passionate about this and care more about adding a non-propaganda capitalist story. I care about my documentary idea too though it would be hard to present this in a non-patronising and non-propaganda way. Sylvie suggested that I go on to explore the effects it will have within human society, though when delving in the theme of human society, my narrative idea interests me more. I will also get the chance to make a documentary film next year. I have not produced a good narrative film for festival use yet so would like to utilise this time to do so.

To great disappointment, unfortunately this week I have falling under an ill fever and been bed ridden. This has prevented me from achieving the practical work I needed to achieve. Though last week we were told an animatic should include all the key scenes you want, so I will go on to list them:

  • There is a prince and his father who plan to colonise all of India and turn them to Hinduism
  • They travel around the country establishing themselves in each town and converting the people
  • They next go the town which is  the main setting
  • There the people are waiting for the attack
  • The protagonist goes into the fortress with his sword looking for the Lord of the town
  • He enters a room with women and children, a working class woman stands up to protect them
  • He stops and stares at the woman then turns around and leaves them
  • The Lord surrenders and the protagonist and his group take over the town
  • During town parades and court dance performances he watches the woman in awe – she notices him staring
  • One day, she is working on the fields and he is passing on his horse. He notices a colleague slap the back of her legs to get her back to work and he suddenly runs over to stop his colleague and help her back up
  • More eye contact at court performances, she is a dancer and other men drool at her, he does not like this
  • In the middle of the night he sneaks into her chambers to offer her a paan (mysterious gift wrapped in banana leaves)
  • They start spending time together, he gives her gifts of clothes and jewellery
  • One night she goes to the chamber where he is standing guard and gives him a paan
  • They have sex


  • He says goodbye to woman and baby boy as he has to go away for a few days with army to colonise another area
  • Meanwhile, others in the high court are conducting an experiment, and begin to lock members of the working class in a tight dark room (people involved are the protagonist’s assistant, his confidants and his father)
  • The woman and son are dragged in
  • We watch the people suffer and begin to die
  • Protagonist returns
  • He stands with peers and watches over room
  • In horrific shock he notices the woman and child and runs down to get them but they’re already dead
  • He takes them out to try and save them but no luck
  • In despare, he tries to stop the test but the peers object
  • We follow him sad a lonely, with only memory of woman and child

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