Writing a script…

Most important metaphor: COLONIALISM of town; SETTLING as chief

(Experimenting with the room – like Nazis experimenting with the Jews)

Creation of social hierarchy, exercise of power, maintain social inequalities.

  • Following win of a battle, protagonist colonises town
  • Also goes off to colonise other towns, takes good world outside walls to conquer other cities
  • Returns to see the order the prince created has been corrupted, horrors
  • Thinking that is a benign tyrant



  • He tries and manages to free some of the oppressed, but not all
  • He manages to go back to benign ruler with good equality but oppressed devour him and order becomes corrupted again – cycle!

Script, Attempt 1:

The distant province pulled his force.
He wanted one thing… All of Hindustan.

* Dramatic music *
* Battle sounds *

There wasn’t really a battle to be won,
For the reign of Jaunour was entrusted in him.

To Prince Shah the language of greed had no power.
Great order was established
And his tyrant was so benign.
The people rejoiced as one.

His father and colleagues and Prince Shah discussed peace for Mughals all over India. They also discussed a darker subject,
For they wanted to delve and learn the real human form.
Shah denied these experiments, as he would deem no man a martyr.

Shah’s fame grew strong and with the new tax system came equality and vitality for the people. All helped as one.

There was great order in the province, and great order in the high court.
It was time to expand this good world outside of these walls.

Balmy light leaked through cracks and a young sun embarked Shah on his journey. He wished no more battle to befall and no more blood to fall so he condemned his inheritance of Surat reign through blackmail.

Curiosity enriched King Alamgir. He acquired two children, a boy and a girl.
Knowing Shah would not want any harm to any person come, he treated the children like royalty with gifts of gold and food.
On one condition…They were not to breathe a word.

Success brewed across Surat and the Mughal order was established.
His tax system and means of equality made Shah a celebrity to both the villagers and the high court.

The two children began to acquaint in peculiar ways and the curiosity of Jaunour’s court grew even stronger.
That dawn King Alamgir allured 122 civilians willingly into the quarter.
Gates were dropped and boarded were the windows.

Shah’s mission was complete and time came to return to Jaunour. He left the colony of Surat in the trusted palms of its leader.

Things were peculiar when Shah reached home. It was quiet. Too quiet.
He met his father and colleagues on the balcony and to his HORROR he did see STARVING, SUFFOCATING AND DESPARE.

They were not speaking.

“The test is working,” said the King as the watched the real human form unveil.

Overwhelmed by fury Shah opened the doors. They weren’t the people of Jaunour. Animals. They needed one thing… Survival.

It wasn’t the same, being there, in charge, any more.
The oppressed devoured Prince Shah.
Their internal scars were deemed vulnerably.
Love for the emperor diminished to an empty case.
Curiosity grew so strong within the high court that they kept trying new experiments. With the people.

Shah just kept trying to hold a benign rule.

Recording the narration:


Concept sketches





A later animatic with a simplified script and in my desire style:



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