Animatic Attempt 5

There was a young Prince. So young that he still believed in perfection.

The Prince contemplates a beautiful landscape from the top of a hill. A bird comes to perch on his head. He removes the bird and puts a helmet on.

He travelled the whole of Hindustan. For he wanted one thing: to create a faultless world.

Prince on horse crosses a field that has a lots , seen from afar, through clouds of smoke and dust.

When the Prince arrived in the province of Kolkota, he made the people his people.

New taxes were collected, new laws were proclaimed, and every day of the week, the people rejoiced as one.

People toiling the earth, breaking stones. A crowded courtyard by the Palace: the Prince appears on the balcony. The crowd cheers loudly.

As a gift to the town, the Prince took 23 new wives, from every quarter of the city.

Gold coins are poured into the hands of an old man. He steps aside and let his daughter be taken away. A covered cart full of women crosses town. (point of view from inside the cart, with moucharabia windows)

Most of the wives lived in separate rooms, nursing his children.

Large harem room, with beautiful women bathing. The Prince is looking at them from behind a screened window. He turns round to play with a toddler. He is in a dark room.

Time passed. The Prince contemplated his work, and it saw that it was very good. It was time to expand this labours outside of these walls.

The prince walks in a very nice, very structured, enclosed garden, picks up a fruit and gives it to a bird to eat. The bird flies off. He leans over the parapet to follow the bird with his eyes, and we see the city from afar. We follow the bird, and as we get closer to the city and roam around the streets, which are empty and eerily quiet. A lone dog is looking for food. A rat is scurrying away.

The ministers were left in charge of the City and the affairs of the Palace. One growing concern was the Prince’s brood, which had grown to unseen proportions:

‘ 41 children to feed, clothe and educate!’ said the Revenue Officer. ‘The treasury cannot provide as much’.

’41 who will soon want power’ said the Legal Officer. ‘The City will fall into chaos’.

‘ 41 who are not even full blooded Mughals’ said the Health Officer.

A solution was found by the Science Officer: ‘ As part of my research, I need these children to conduct an experiment’.

The Prince’s wives were asked to take their children to a most beautiful room, where they could all be together. One by one the children came, and sat on magnificent carpets.

We see a black room, with more and more eyes everywhere. We hear suffocating and cries.

The Science Officer rejoiced in his success.

We hear horns and see that people are rounded up by the guards. The Science Minister steps onto the balcony. He looks a the crowd of people, who suddenly start to rush AWAY from the palace.

The return of the Prince was not a grand affair.
The Prince on his horse, in very quiet streets, with windows and doors closing as he passes by.

The Palace was quiet. Too quiet. Where are the children? Bring me the children and my wives!

We see the Officers (Revenue, Legal, Health, Science)’s heads on spikes.

He contemplated his work, and he saw that it had not been very good.

The Prince in his beautiful hanging garden. He looks over the city, which looks the same as before. We see the street where we saw the dog before. The royal bird’s body is being eaten by the rat.

The people were not his people, he realised.

He waited for the surge to rise, and for this people to devour him.

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